srao (srao) wrote,

And so much to do, so little time

Weekends are nearly killing me these days.

All through the week, I look forward for the weekend to come. And then plan like a zillion things i will do over those 48 hrs. And when the weekend does dawn, i am torn between sleeping, enjoying and worrying about the impending week that begins on Monday. The Monday blues syndrome begins on Saturday evening itself. At times, Saturday morning as I lie on the bed and mull over whether to wake up or get few more winks, i worry about what's better from Monday perspective - to laze more on weekends or keep up with the weekly schedule so that i don't feel too lazy on Monday. And well, there goes my weekend, all bottled up with thoughts that are so suppressing.

And then i want to watch movies, go for a walk, dine outside, watch TV, read books and yes get some work done. Yes, as maddening as it sounds, i also plan to get some work done each weekend - all the pending stuff from the week, which I think is going to get accomplished over those precious 48 hours. And in between all this, i also mull over my past, present, future. Future is ofcourse restricted to Monday. Oh no - Monday - nahi nahi nahi.

When I am reading, i am worried about the movies that i miss out on. When i watch movies, i am worried on the cricket matches that i might miss out on and when i watch cricket, i am worried abt that work i had planned to complete over weekend. And then i have to check emails every 15 mins and ensure i am on top of things. such a sad state of affairs.

And no, i am not like super busy or something. I have all the time in the world to accomplish everything. But then i have to think about something else all the time.

And hence, I go on treks.

Where there is nothing else i can do. With mobile switched off, no access to movies or books (well i carried my kindle this time. And i did read it one day! so strike that off), far away from friends and expectations, parents and their worries, office travails all set aside, where present/past and future all gets forgotten. All that remains with me is the 7kg backpack, me and nature. And new people i meet, new terrain to walk through, the beautiful surroundings.

I sleep at like 10 and wake up before dawn! the sleeping bags ensures that you are thrown out of the slumber and you seek the pleasures of stretching and walking. No water to splurge means no bath - nothing can work as a better motivation for me to wake up ;)

And as you negotiate the climb and the exhaustion of the walk, you compete with yourself, to do better, to be better than the last step you have taken, to soak in the surroundings, your mind is free of thoughts. No care in the world, no worry and no prioritization issues like whether to watch a movie over reading a book! And enough exhaustion to put you to bed.

But well, those are dream days. Today I have to face reality which is.. to decide between reading a book and watching a movie and doing some office work and watching some more TV. Okay, so now i got to rush to watch a movie - adios until i am back!
Tags: books, movies, timepass, treks

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