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Watched Kung Fu Panda 3. Witty one-liners, endearing Po, amazing Shifu and the rest of the warriors and Po's dad(s). Most of it you already know from the trailer and the story is predictable. And yet, its endearing. Ends with 'Everybody was Kung fu fighting'!


Ki & Ka had miserable reviews and hence i didn't venture to watch it eventually. With 2 dud actors the last thing i wanted is a bad story line too.


The lost match was heartbreaking. As it was the case with all fans, who were optimistic that Dhoni and team would pull it off, i was super convinced we would win and I need to have Sunday evening free for the final clash. But well it wasn't to be. I joked around that it meant i had the weekend free to watch both movies. And well KiKa ended up being the spoil sport. Though i want to watch teh finals, it will remind me of the loss and hence i am staying away from it.


Not picked a book since long now, any recommendations?
Tags: books, cricket, movies, weekend

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