srao (srao) wrote,

When did I read last?

Yes, that's for me. When did I read last?

Ever since I got this kindle, the reading has died down. It has to do with the fact that I am way too scared to handle, always forget to charge it and don't find it super comfortable like all do.

Anyway I digress.

One can read no matter where/what if there is intent.

And I have indeed lost the intent to read. Whether it is the kindle or the plain lack of interest in so many things I did earlier and don't find the time or spend time on, baffles me.

Movies, cycling, instagram, sleeping and work ofcourse has kept me busy.

So while I got bored of twitter, I caught on to instagram. I love the beautiful pics and I am mentally always making plans of where all I would visit in this life time (and yes I have plans ready for the next one.. and the next one too.. that long it is turning to be). So yes, virtual planning has kept me busy too.

And while on planning, I have a cool one coming up, waiting to be executed.

Getting back to the topic. This post is to remind me to get back to reading.

Any suggestions on what I can pick?
Tags: books, plans, reading, virtual world

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