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May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

As the miniscule few who read this blog know by now, I'm an ardent follower of @greatbong aka Arnab Ray. So isn't a surprise that I pre-ordered his book. And to my utter delight I received the signed copy on Tuesday, which I couldn't lay my hands on until night, that day.

Thus began the journey of reading the debutant writer's work - May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss. The book is not a novel, not an art of fiction, and doesn't lie in the genre of non-fiction either! It is an analysis of all that's Indian, written purely the way only we Indians can relate to it.. that too the ones who've witnessed the 90s, 00s and more so been teenagers in that golden period. Each chapter dedicated to a different aspect.

Writing with humour comes naturally to Arnab and it is not surprising to see how he sees humour in the most insipid and lesser inspiring happenings in and around us. Be it the Bollywood movies Loha, Gunda, Mithun da's acting prowess, Ektaa's saas bahu soaps and the reasoning behind the way they are made, the terror attacks, the take on why we've so many engineers or the Indian wedding - the attention to detail is awesome and the analysis so true and yet so funny, that it has you in splits.

It is not for the elitist, who thrive on classics and all that's inspiring; but those in search for their own 'true identity'. You might have missed it, but not Arnab. Case in point being the analysis of the movie Clerk and Arnab's take on how it shaped his ambitions for the future. I'm sure there are such moments that led you to be what you are today. Read the book, take a cue and maybe you'll realise how much the Indianness around you shaped you, the person! It is rib tickling funny and the more you read it the more you agree!

Not without its flaws though. There is overstressing of some points. The innumerable dialogues of Hindi movies at times were an overdose, though hats off for remembering and giving out the translations in English. I would've been lost without that. Blame it on not knowing or understanding such pure cinematic chaste Hindi. Nevertheless can be overlooked for the overall fun in reading.

I'm already looking forward for his next offering. What is it going to be? With Arnab Ray at helm, it will definitely be one joyful ride!

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